Lilleshall Fact Sheet

This factsheet gives you information about Old Ben Homes Sheltered Housing at Lilleshall.

3 The Old Hall
Church Road
TF10 9JA

This information in this factsheet is correct at the time of writing. (July 2014- updated September 2019)


Originally The Old Hall itself was owned by the Duke of Sutherland and prior to being Sheltered Housing was converted to be used as a convalescent home for the wellbeing of people within the News Trade, and in 1978 further flats were built.

Old Ben Homes Ltd is situated in the village of Lilleshall, Nr Newport, consisting of 37 1 bedroomed self- contained apartments, all first floor apartments are accessed by a flight of stairs, all the apartments have their own front doors, set in a picturesque location. The Scheme Manager/Warden and Estates Manager/Maintenance Manager work onsite from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and there is a 24 hour community alarm service. There is a communal lounge with regular activities such as bingo, coffee mornings, fish and chip lunches, a laundry, gardens and an allotment. Distances: bus stop 200 yds; nearest shops and post office is Muxton; Newport Town Centre 4 miles; GP 2 miles.


Whilst possibly offering a smaller, more manageable property with more security and support than your current accommodation you will need to consider if this is right for you as the new accommodation might be in an area you are not familiar with and further away from friends and family. You may not be able to fit all your furniture in the property and you are not able to take any pets you may currently have. All these need to be taken into consideration when choosing sheltered accommodation.


Old Ben Homes only offer properties to properties to occupy whilst paying a Weekly Maintenance Contribution and the aim is to assist people in greatest need who meet the following criteria:

  • You or your family have connections to the News Trade
  • You have a housing need because of the physical condition of your present home; or
  • You have medical or social reasons for wanting to move, such as poor health, disability, isolation from friends and family
  • And you have a good reason for wanting to move (if you are not local already) to the area you apply for (for example, you want to be close to family or close friends).

To apply to Old Ben Homes for accommodation
Please contact the office on 01952 677257 for an application form or use the form provided here


The facilities in retirement housing vary from scheme to scheme; below are a number of points regarding Old Ben Homes you may want to consider before you decide if this is the right scheme for you:

4.1 Location
Old Ben Homes Lilleshall is situated in a small village location set within private grounds consisting of a lake, lovely gardens and allotments. There is a bus stop situated approximately 200 yards from the site which will give you access to other areas such as Muxton, Newport and Telford. The nearest shops and post office is found in Muxton and GP surgeries and a bigger variety of shops are located in Newport and Telford Town Centre.

4.2 Local Communal Facilities
There are no local shops in the village, the nearest shop is situated in Muxton as is the same for the post office. There is a church within walking distance albeit you will have to walk up a hill to reach it or the bus can be taken if it is easier to do so. There are also local pubs nearby all situated on the bus route. A mobile library visits the site every two weeks and there is a communal lounge on site that offers various activities to include; bingo, coffee mornings, fish and chip suppers and residents meetings. Also available to use is the laundry room were you have the use of a washing machine and tumble dryer.

4.3 Transport
The local bus stop is situated approximately 200 yards from the site which will take you to Muxton, Donnington, Oakengates and Telford Town Centre. On the opposite side of the road the bus stop takes you to Church Aston, Newport, Gnosall, Houghton and then onto Stafford. The 481 buses run every half hour at 10 past and twenty to the hour, then hourly after 7 pm. Sunday service is at 10 past the hour. Other bus services from Telford will take you to Ironbridge, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton and further afield. There are Rail links at Telford and Stafford.

If you have your own vehicle you will be allocated a parking space and there is a visitors car park located by the lake for visitors/carers etc to park their vehicles whilst visiting the site.

4.4 Social Life
Social events are arranged via the residents committee and you can join in or not as you wish.

4.5 Pets
No pets are allowed at Old Ben Homes with the exception of Registered Assistance or Disability Aid Dogs..

4.6 Design
Lilleshall site consists of 37 self-contained apartments, all first floor apartments are accessed by a flight of stairs (no lifts are available) some apartments are suitable for stair lifts to be fitted but this is done at the residents expense. All apartments have their own front door. Each property is decorated before a new resident moves in and each property is re-decorated every 4-5 years on a rota system. Any further decoration e.g. feature wall, plumbing, carpentry, electrical installation will require permission from the Housing Manager and will be undertaken by our own Estates Manager/Maintenance Manager and or Contractors this is also done at the expense of the resident. All adaptations/aids must be requested in writing to the Housing Manager. It is also the residents’ responsibility to ensure any unwanted furniture/waste etc after alterations or new purchases are removed from the site.

4.7 Size
Another consideration to take into account when choosing sheltered accommodation is the size of the property. The property will be of a more manageable size but will you have enough space to put the furniture you will want to keep or to continue with your hobby.

4.8 Noise
Old Ben Homes Lilleshall is situated in a quiet village location.

4.9 Facilities for residents’ use
There is a communal lounge/kitchen/wc situated in the Old Hall which is easily accessible between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. The lounge is used on a regular basis for various activities such as coffee mornings, bingo, fish and chip lunches and resident meetings. There is also a communal laundry room, the washing machine is free of charge and you will be allocated a slot on a weekly rota, the tumble dryer can be used for a charge of £1 a time.

4.10 The alarm system
The emergency alarm system is linked to a communications centre, they have set procedures to enable them to take care of you whilst the Scheme Manager/Warden is away and outside of the hours 9-5 Mondays to Fridays. The Call system is switched to the Careline outside of those hours. They will notify your next of kin/family member if you are unwell, dial 999 in the event of an emergency . They will ring the fire brigade if your smoke alarm is activated they will also help with emergency repairs such as no heat or hot water, leaking pipes or losing your keys. The off site careline system is switched off by the Scheme Manager/Warden each morning at 9 am Mondays to Fridays and switched on again at 5pm each evening. Monday to Fridays and remains on until Monday mornings.

5 The Scheme Manager /Warden

The Scheme Manager/Warden works on site between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm and is available to help out in emergencies, report repair problems and give residents information on availability and access to services. The Scheme Manager/Warden is not available to carry out personal services such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and nursing but they may be able to help you arrange for additional services to be provided, e.g. by social services and other professional care workers.

6 Service Charges and Support Service Charges

As well as regular payments you will have to pay a regular service charge for the upkeep and cleaning of communal areas and support service charges this will include the Scheme Manager /Warden service and emergency alarm service.

There is also a Life Line Charge this Is an cost to cover an Emergency Pull cord Service that goes directly to the Scheme Manager when on duty or to a central call centre giving 24 hour cover for all emergencies when the Scheme Manager is off site.

There is a funding scheme called Supporting People that may assist you with paying towards housing-related support services such as the scheme manager service and emergency alarm service. You will need to apply to the council for an assessment of your circumstances to see how much help you will get.

At present if you receive Housing Benefit, the charge for your support services should be met through Supporting People Scheme.

The Housing Manager will be able to help regarding these charges or contact the local Supporting People team (your local council will have details). A housing advice centre, local Age UK or Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to advise you.

7 Other Charges

On top of regular rent payments and service charges you will have to pay your Council Tax, water rates, contents insurance,  TV licence (if you are under 75), telephone and energy bills. Some charges for water and fuel bills may be part of your service charge if they are for communal areas. This would include water to a communal laundry or fuel bills for lighting and heating the corridors or a communal lounge.

If you are on a low income you may be able to get help to pay your Council Tax or Rent.

8 Almshouses

Almshouses are run by charitable trusts and offer low-cost accommodation for older people. Each charity has its own rules about the categories of people they can have. Old Ben Homes is an Almshouse originally set up for needy and under-privileged men and woman of the News Trade dating back to Charles Dickens time. Residents living in Almshouses, as beneficiaries of charity, do not have the same legal rights as tenants elsewhere. There is no security of tenure under law and the individual’s rights as a resident will be outlined in a ‘Letter of Appointment’ provided by the trustees.