A short history of Seaford

The Old Ben Homes estate at Seaford was built in 1957 by the forerunner to NewstrAid, the Newsvendors Benevolent and Provident Institution. Generous help was provided by many different firms and people from the UK news trade.

At the mouth of the river Ouse, Seaford was one of the main ports on the south coast in the Middle Ages. But in 1539, the course of the river was diverted to nearby Meeching, which became Newhaven. The river had silted up badly and the town also suffered from attacks by French pirates. The town also had a reputation (now gone!) for looting and causing shipwrecks! In 1545, the town was so devastated by the “Black Death” as to be threatened with extinction. Thankfully, all traces of the Plague have also disappeared and many people find the bracing sea air truly invigorating.

The fortunes of Seaford were revived in the 19th Century with the coming of the railways and it remains a popular seaside venue for many holidaymakers.

An interesting article on the history of Seaford can be found here http://www.lewes.gov.uk/Files/plan_Seaford_EUS_reportpages13to25.pdf